At Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC, challenges are not viewed as obstacles, but as an invitation to achieve or innovate. This philosophy becomes reality when an isolated incident or a series of cumulative minor incidents threaten the fundamental capacity of a bridge. Bridges are individual assets that link together our transportation system.   When a bridge is closed or has reduced load carrying capacity, it can have a negative effect to an overall transportation system.  At GLEG we can assist owners in crisis management as it pertains to structurally deficient bridges, whether it is a single bridge element that has deteriorated or an instantaneous failure to structural elements.

Often a single element of a bridge, such as a large hole in a beam, can significantly reduce the load carrying capacity of a bridge. In lieu of reducing the load posting, repairs can be made to strengthen the weak member and bring it back to its original capacity. Unforeseen accidents, such as a high load hit to bridge beams by Semi-trucks occur, and instantaneously alter the traffic capacity on the bridge and the traffic that runs below the bridge.  Our staff has the experience to evaluate the critical situation, recommend traffic control needs, temporary shoring or load reductions and offer a final repair strategy.