Bridge Scoping

Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC (GLEG) provides Bridge Scoping Services in which we evaluate various repair alternatives for a prescribed set of bridges and recommend the most economical rehabilitation or preventative maintenance treatment.

The work for each Bridge Scope Includes:

Site Review — Overall Physical Assessment of the Bridge Condition

  • In-Depth Structural Inspection of all Bridge Components
  • Non-Destructive Testing including Steel Beam End Measurements, Dye Penetrant, Infrared Thermography
  • Destructive Material Testing including Coring, Timber Coring, Paint Sampling
  • Geometrics Evaluation
  • Maintenance of Traffic Concepts
  • Utilities
  • Scour
  • Photo Log

Engineering Analysis — Evaluation of Site Review Findings and Selection of Most Appropriate Repair Strategy

  • Evaluation of Repair Strategies
  • Quantity Calculations
  • Cost Estimate for Each Repair Strategy
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Selection of the Best Repair Option
  • Determination of Maintaining Traffic Schemes

GLEG has the knowledge to obtain traffic permits, perform railroad coordination, coordination of maintaining traffic planning and lane closures, and providing access equipment necessary for in-depth inspection of all components of a bridge.

MacArthur Bridge